We are majoring in Tourism Department but we have a big passion for FASHION! Traveling and Shopping it's similar!!!
CAY-STORE was established on October 2012 in two specialties. A clothing line for teenage girl and boy that serve the sweet taste of fashion. Intended for those fashion lovers with the latest trends in every season. We read changing trends, and also maintain the quality of the clothes.

Profile :

Name : Yuki Lusiana Eka
Nick : Yukiana
DOB : 24 December 1993
Position : Finance and Advertising

Story Behind the Scene :

Before becoming an owner, she is..
A fashion blogger and fashion consultant who love to dream more. Interested with vintage fashion, art design and photography.
 "I was born to dream and love, and to realize some faith means more try." - Yukiana.

A part of Tourism Student at Riau University.

get close and know more : bellionducky.blogspot.com | @yukiana

       Owner Of CAY STORE Girl

Profile :

Name : Clement Ananto
Nick : Clement
DOB : 16 February 1993
Position : Promotion and Delivery Service

Story Behind the Scene :

Before becoming an owner, he is..
A B-BOY dancer. Interested with business and traveling a lot. Shoes lover.
"You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C. S. Lewis

A part of Tourism Student at Riau University.

get close and know more : @ClementAnanto

Owner Of CAY STORE Boy     


 because CAY are a part of our name so when we run the business we always remember our passion.

little chit-chat with owner

Q: what makes you interested in clothing line business?
A: as you know, we both totally in love with fashion especially for shoes, have a clothing line just like broaden our knowledge about fashion as big as we can.
Q: how's the chronology till this shop launched?
A: in fact, we've to run business for a long time, but we don't think it too serious beside our campus activity that too dense, we already try many kinds of business start from MLM. And we need time to think about the brand mark, fund and many more before we run a business. At last we choose clothing line as the best answer because we both like it and enjoy the rules till now.
Q: we know, as a seller, sometimes we will get complaint. So, what is the bad complaints and bad experience as a seller ever?
 A: well, the bad complaints ever is about the price. it hurt me so much. i think online shop which has website, packing every purchase (I mean special packing not just a plastic bag/special packing with shop name in it) should count it for the best service to their customers. and the main problem is mad bargaining that they did to me, considering the shipping fee paid by my shop and also for their satisfaction. *phew*
For bad experience ever is about hit&run, not just an ordinary hit&run but the extraordinary one! Done by my lecturer. I do not want to discuss it further because I still respect him as my lecturer. *double phew*
Q : your hope for your online shop?
A : improvement from day to day, always give the best service for my customer and known by many people. i think that's too enough :))


A. Communication is number ONE! :) BBM/SMS/KIK US!